Disabled Apes


  • Disabled Apes is a decentralized , community driven nft , metaverse project. Through innovative thinking , we strive to support those with impairments and health conditions , creating a supportive and entrepreneurial community on Web 3.0.
    By holding one of our NFT’s , members can have access to the world’s first metaverse disability social hub where those with or without health conditions can come together, talk through issues, and share life experiences .Inside the HUB a Health Clinic platform will be available and our community will be able to get help from a psychologist , psychiatrist, chiropractor.
  • The center will offer free business courses while encouraging collabs so people can team up and potentially launch a project through our Start Up Program.
    This Start-up Program will allow users to submit their business plan and after thorough checks the projects will be voted through our DAO and set in motion on our Launchpad.
    Every Disabled Ape is unique, each varying in rarity. The collection has over 110 traits variations.
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Disabled Apes NFT

5,555 Unique Digital Collectibles On Ethereum


With numerous features in the pipeline, discover everything Disabled Apes has to offer.

Metaverse Social Hub

The Disabled Apes Social Hub allows for those with and without disabilities to come together, talk through issues , develop entrepreneurial ideas , and share experiences.
Our Start-up Program allows for those who are holding Disabled Apes NFT to access cryptocurrency funds from our community wallet.

Start-up Finances

Our Start-up Program Allows for those who are holding Disabled Apes NFT to access cryptocurrency funds from our community wallet.

$DAPE Token

The Native Token of Disabled Apes , $DAPE allows users to fully utilize the ecosystem .
IDO coming soon.


Our Decentralized Autonomous Organization allows for those holding $DAPE to vote on community proposals , Start UP Projects from NFT Holders.


This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

  • Stage 1 - Zanardi

    • Social media expansion
    • Disabled Ape NFT mint
    • On-boarding of additional partners
    • Free Business Courses

  • Stage 2 - Hawkings

    • Start up Program Launching
    • Metaverse land acquisition
    • $DAPE IDO
    • $DAPE DEX listings
    • Solana wrapped $DAPE
    • $DAPE liquidity pools

  • Stage 3 - Kahlo

    • Social Hub preview
    • Launchpad release
    • DAO release
    • Allocating Funds to Best Start UP Projects
    • $DAPE farms

  • Stage 4 - Wickens

    • Disabled Ape NFT2.0 Airdrop
    • Social Hub fully accessible
    • $DAPE CEX listings
    • Project merchandise

  • Stage ∞ - Finney

    • Future New Roadmaps targets set by community / DAO


Disabled Apes was created by a diverse set of degens within the cryptocurrency space.
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